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Shielding for hair – strength and shine in a session

Shielding for hair - strength and shine in a session

The shine and elasticity of the hair: the result of girls dreaming and enrolling in salon procedures. Hair protection is a sure step towards this goal.

The healing procedure is among the new hairdressers, but has already gained loyal followers.

What is shielding damaged hair?

Protecting the strands involves the application of an invisible film, which wraps each hair. The healing substances penetrate the internal structure of the hair, providing not only the external effect, but also the restoration of damaged and weakened strands.

The film is bright, which allows it to give a shiny appearance to the hair.

The procedure is useful for girls who are tired of struggling with the fragility, dryness and lifeless appearance of the strands. It can improve the condition of the curls, weakened by curling or coloring, frequent use of styling tools: forceps, hair dryer.

Shielding for hair - strength and shine in a session

Advantages and disadvantages of the hair protection procedure.

Hair protection has positive and negative sides. The list of advantages of the procedure is long.

  • If the lamination provides an exceptionally short-term cosmetic effect, then the shield “cures”. Open ends, fragility, dryness: the procedure combats practically any type of damage.
  • The wrapping film thickens the hair structure by approximately 30%. The curls become seductive volume.
  • The shield protects hair from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, seawater, chemical and mechanical damage.
  • Hair styling and care are simplified, the strands are easy to comb, no longer confused.
  • The composition of the means used in the armoring is completely harmless. These are mainly natural ingredients, there is no harmful ammonia.
  • The tone of the hair becomes more saturated and bright, the dyeing results (performed before the “treatment”) last longer.
  • The hair looks well combed, the strands become silky and soft.

The disadvantages of shielding are also present, although they are bathed by numerous positive effects.

  • The long-term effect provides only a complete course of procedures. On average, the results of a session are saved for two or three weeks (the exact figure depends on the frequency of washing and other factors).
  • There is a side effect: hair electrification after washing. The disadvantage is eliminated with a balm.
  • There is a contraindication – type of oily hair.
  • If the hair before the screening test was in a healthy state, the result will not be successful.

Shielding for hair - strength and shine in a session

How much does hair protection cost in a beauty salon?

The lack of skills is an indication of entrusting the screening of the hair to specialists.

The average cost of a procedure in the salon varies in the range of 700-1800 rubles. The payment of the whole course and the follow-up of special promotions will help reduce the prices.

Shielding for hair - strength and shine in a session

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Means to protect hair at home.

The escape can be done at home on your own by purchasing a special set. Popular brands that produce “cosmetics” for hair: Kemon, Paul Mitchell. The standard set includes:

  1. Detection agent
  2. Shampoo and balm
  3. Fixers
  4. Mask and gloves
  5. Detailed instructions

You will also need a hair dryer, towels and access to warm water (you will need to wash your hair several times)

Shielding for hair - strength and shine in a session

How to do hair styling at home?

  • The hair is washed with shampoo from the kit for a couple of minutes. This is followed by the use of balsam, which is applied evenly to the hair and lasts as long as the instruction recommends.
  • The hair is slightly dry (the dry wipe should not be), remaining wet.
  • The protective agent spreads evenly over the strands, hands must be worn with protective gloves. The composition is maintained for the time recommended by the instructions.
  • The tool is completely washed. It is important to wash your head well, do not skimp water.
  • Using a hair dryer, the strands are dried, then a fixing composition is applied, which completes the procedure. Hair dryer is used again.

If the sequence of actions is followed, the recommendations contained in the instructions are complied with: the appearance of the updated hair should immediately spoil its owner.

Which is better: shielding or hair lamination?

The main task that is imposed lamination is to achieve a visual effect. The hair becomes shiny, it acquires a well-groomed appearance, but it does not undergo “treatment”, it does not feed and it is not protected.

The purpose of the shielding is precisely the therapeutic effect on the loose and damaged strands. The curls are effectively protected from environmental hazards.

It also manifests a cosmetic result: luminosity, softness, elasticity.

The conclusion is obvious. Detection allows you to obtain the best results, so lamination can not be considered a serious competitor to this procedure.

Hair screening photo before and after.

Shielding for hair - strength and shine in a session

Shielding for hair - strength and shine in a session

Shielding for hair - strength and shine in a session

Shielding for hair - strength and shine in a session

Shielding for hair - strength and shine in a session

Shielding for hair - strength and shine in a session

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Home hair shields: reader reviews

Garipova Elena (Ekaterinburg). I tried the Q3 Blond detection kit, only positive impressions.

The condition of the hair really improved, they became shiny and elastic, they began to look well groomed. I did not notice the disadvantages of the tool, the effect lasted for a long time.

Romanova Alisa (Naberezhnye Chelny). He conducted an experiment with a projection set by Paul Mitchell.

The first days, the hair really looked in the photo: healthy, bright. However, the effect somehow disappeared quickly.

In general, I expected more, but you can try.

Nikitina Snezhana (Saint Petersburg). Anyone who wants to try screening at home, I recommend Estel Q3 therapy.

The hair then became very beautiful and bright, and for a long time the result remained. Now I am thinking about doing a complete course.

Korolkova Maria (Moscow). The set of Q3 Blond I liked a lot. I was impressed by the ease with which the hair began to lie down, the dryness had disappeared.

The shine, of course, quickly disappeared, but the condition improved markedly. In addition to my producers, I recommend it to everyone.

Mishina Valeria (Vladivostok). The Paul Mitchell detection kit only left positive impressions. The promised volume and brightness appeared, the hair looked long, like in a shampoo ad, it became well-groomed.

Everyone liked the game, except the cost, even thinking about repeating it.

Video: Q3 THERAPY to protect Estel’s hair at home

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