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Size – long-term hairstyle!

Size - long-term hairstyle!

Girls with straight hair, of course, dream of exuberant and beautifully loose curls.

But how to make these dreams come true?

What is hair size?

Talla is a variant of perm. Thanks to a special formula, superficially affects the structure of the hair.

The threads are not subject to “full processing”, as in the perm. Chemistry.

Although the effect is identical, the style becomes fluffy, bulky, with beautiful and pronounced curls. The carving is maintained for 4 to 8 weeks.

Size - long-term hairstyle!

What is the difference between size and perm? Hair cutting tools

The size is called light chemistry. The fixatives do not contain glycolic acid, which provides a more careful attitude towards the hair.

With a procedure and care performed correctly, the size can be repeated every few months (3-4). Permanent perm more resistant – no more than once a year.

Carving is easy to do on your own. Although, if you perform a similar procedure for the first time, you can not do it without the help and advice of professionals.

Size - long-term hairstyle!

How to do to dye hair at home?

How to lighten hair at home? Read here

For the carving you will need:

  1. A set of ready-to-use tools, including a fixation composition and a neutralizer.
  2. “Correct” size curls to form curls. Pay attention to the quality of the work surface, should not react with the chemical preparation.
  3. Non-metallic hair brushes with frequent teeth to separate hair into strands.
  4. Sponges, which allow the composition to be applied uniformly, and bowls in which the medicines will be prepared.
  5. Polyethylene cap.
  6. The gloves protect the skin from the interaction with chemical agents and the cotton flagella are convenient to eliminate the excess of mixture.

Size - long-term hairstyle!

Types of carving, depending on the length of the hair.

For different lengths of hair, the milling procedure differs in the diameter of the curls and in the curl technique.

    Carving for short hair: photo. It is better to choose smaller diameter rollers.

    Large curls will be neglected. But do not overdo it: too tight and small curls will make you look like a sheep.

Size - long-term hairstyle!

Carving in medium hair: photo. In medium length hair, it can make both large and large.

Size - long-term hairstyle!

  • Size for long hair: photo. Curly strands will look beautiful on long hair.
  • Size - long-term hairstyle!

    For a more lasting effect, experts recommend that the curl strands are only near the roots or the bottom of the curls.

    Curls can also be rolled in different directions. To make a more proportional round face, vertical chemistry is recommended.

    Holders of the elongated type it is better to prefer horizontal curls.

    Hair length is important when carving, but the main factor that affects durability is its structure:

    1. Worst of all, the permanent will appear in thick, unpainted and long strands.
    2. Badly exposed to dark or reddish hair. As a general rule, initially they are rigid and thick structure.
    3. It is unlikely that Asian threads, characterized by their stable integrity, will turn into curled and curly curls.

    Size - long-term hairstyle!

    Carving Disadvantages of the procedure.

    Like any lifting procedure, carving has its own contraindications or, at least, requires certain precautions.

    • Curling is contraindicated in dry and damaged hair. The impact of the drugs dries the strands. Freshly dyed or discolored hair should also not be subject to additional stress.
    • Pregnancy and lactation are contraindications for carving.
    • Carefully choose the room and the teacher for the procedure. An inexperienced or inconsiderate hairdresser can ruin your hair. A professional will not only correct the time of application of the fixation means, but also provide the necessary advice. If it is worthwhile to wash your hair or make a permanent over dirty hair, you will be informed in detail about how to leave.
    • But even with a correctly executed size, the “appearance” of damage can appear: split ends, dandruff, fragility and thinning. Therefore, stock up immediately with all the necessary means for recovery: shampoos, conditioners for curly hair, natural oils and vitamins.

    Size - long-term hairstyle!

    Frequently asked questions after curled carving

    – How to take care of the hair after carving it?

    Curls will require more care and attention. Avoid overly aggressive and hot style modes with a hair dryer or a hairstyle.

    To prevent hair from becoming entangled after washing, use special conditioners that facilitate styling.

    If before the procedure had a hair prone to fat, then only the tips would require more attention. The applications of oil or the masks of homemade dairy products perfectly feed the hair and prevent its separation and breakage.

    – How to straighten the hair after carving it?

    There can not be a permanent smoothing after carving. Coloring, highlighting, straightening can be done only a few months after soft curling.

    During this time, the hair will be restored and will be ready for the new “tests”.

    If we are talking about style, it is better to straighten the hair with a hairdryer. Wrap the strands in a round brush of large diameter, fix them with a current of hot or cold air.

    – How to restore the hair after carving it?

    Hair can suffer after carving: it becomes dry and brittle. In this case, we are not talking about restoring the tips, it is better to cut immediately the most damaged areas.

    In the rehabilitation of strands and scalp oil wraps will help better. For greater effect, it is recommended to add 2-3 drops of vitamins A, B, E and C to the natural oil.

    – Is it possible to make a carving at home?

    Yes, but the procedure will require some skill from you. After applying the fixative, the hair should be curled quickly and carefully:

    1. The strands must be the same.
    2. Screw them to the curler under tension.
    3. Do not overdo the composition.

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