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Thermolifting – non-surgical lifting

Thermolifting - non-surgical lifting

Beauty is considered one of the most important values ​​of any woman. Unfortunately, time is inexorable: as they age, the skin gradually loses its previous elasticity and freshness, and unpleasant lines appear, called wrinkles. But women often can not come to terms with this state of affairs and are ready to do everything possible to stop the pernicious influence of time and stay young for longer.

For this, modern medicine and cosmetology are ready to offer multiple effective rejuvenation procedures. In recent years, non-operational procedures have become increasingly popular.

One of them is the termolifting.

Thermolifting – What is it?

Thermolifting is a hardware procedure that uses radio wave radiation that, by applying heat to the deeper layers of the skin, helps restore its elasticity and elasticity. The procedure helps effectively treat skin changes related to age, eliminating deep wrinkles and tightening the skin (even the second chin is removed).

The essence of the procedure is that, with age, the collagen fibers in the skin are stretched, which causes the skin to “warp” and stretch, and the devices used in thermo-lifting act on these fibers in a special way , causing them to contract and restore their natural function. .

Thermolifting - non-surgical lifting

The thermo-lifting device produces absolutely safe heat, which is sufficient for a rejuvenating effect. The procedure is painless, which makes it very comfortable, in addition, the whole process takes no more than half an hour.

The course consists of 4 sessions during two months, but, despite the brief impact of the device, the effect of the thermal lift is quite long (from one to five years), since it is achieved through the healing of the skin.

The procedure does not require special preparation, you should only give up two weeks before a session of a visit to the solarium or a long stay in the sun. It begins with the application of a refreshing gel on the skin to be treated, after which the specialist treats the skin with several nozzles of a thermo-lifting device for 20 minutes.

Thermolifting - non-surgical lifting

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