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Tiffany style manicure: a variety of exquisite craftsmanship

Tiffany style manicure: a variety of exquisite craftsmanship

Recently, fashion women from around the world met with a Tiffany-style manicure and began to actively use it in their images. Such a manicure implies a magical refinement, sophistication, ease in a combination of turquoise and white colors.

Tiffany style manicure – What is it?

The Tiffany style manicure is a turquoise base plus white elements. In the classical variation, these are strips in combination with arcs in the ring fingers. This type of coverage has gained popularity due to its attractiveness, simplicity of execution and versatility.

With claws to the Tiffany, it is appropriate to attend any event.

Tiffany style manicure: a variety of exquisite craftsmanship

What you need for a Tiffany-style manicure: basic tools

To create this nail design at home, you will need the following set of tools:

  1. Pusher stick. You need to make it easier to move the cuticle.
  2. Nail polish remover to eliminate its excess.
  3. Tweezers to remove the cuticle.
  4. Nail file to adjust the shape of the nail plate.
  5. A set of varnishes. Turquoise, blue, mint, menthol, white, silver and gold.
  6. Cotton swabs to correct defects.
  7. Fine brushes to create drawings.
  8. Minx movie. It is necessary to give a unique charm to the coating.
  9. Stones, crystals, beads – for originality.
  10. Broths For receiving “caviar” manicure design.
  11. Fixer of luck. For greater durability and brightness.
  12. Drying spray to accelerate the drying of the varnish.

Tiffany style manicure: a variety of exquisite craftsmanship

With the help of these common tools, even a non-expert can create a beautiful, exciting and tender image. Such marigolds are perfect for vacations and for daily activities. The ability to look with style, confidence and luxury is a true art.

A Tiffany style manicure will help you take another step towards this exquisite workforce.

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Tiffany Manicure: Step by step guide

To create a design of this type, you will need two colors of varnishes: white and turquoise. Do not forget the fixative.

  • Pre-arrange your nails in order. To do this, remove the cuticle and burrs. Work a nail file so that the claws acquire the desired shape. The basic rule in Tiffany’s manicure is neat and elegant.
  • Once all the preparatory processes have been completed, you can proceed directly to the decoration.
  • Apply turquoise lacquer on the nail plate.
  • After that, cover the nail with white stripes.
  • Nameless fingers can be decorated with ribbons.
  • Ready for manicure. Cover your nails with a fixative and enjoy the result.

Tiffany style manicure: a variety of exquisite craftsmanship

Tiffany manicure photos

The masters of the fashion industry have been vigorously improving the classic idea of ​​the manicure of the brand for a long time. For example, today it is allowed to replace traditional turquoise with a blue coating.

Strips and bows may not be white at all, but silver. To slightly diversify the standard solution, rhinestones and sequins are used.

Tiffany style manicure: a variety of exquisite craftsmanship

To look non-trivial, bright and not boring, you need bouillons and turquoise lacquer. The manicure will not lose its sophistication, but you will get maximum attention.

Tiffany style manicure: a variety of exquisite craftsmanship

Wonderful in combination with a Tiffany manicure sees the Minx movie. Simply decorate one or two fingers, leaving the rest decorated in the classic version.

You can pick up a movie of turquoise, menthol, silver or gold.

At home, in one of the claws, you can draw a silver or gold key. To do this, you only need a color varnish that combines more with a fine brush.

Tiffany style manicure: a variety of exquisite craftsmanship

Feel free to decorate your Tiffany nails with sparkles, beads and rhinestones. But at the same time you know the measure, because by themselves, these design elements are quite contrasting.

Simply fix this part of the decoration on one or a few marigolds or decorate only a specific area on the nail. If you decorate the tip of the nail with rhinestones, Tiffany’s manicure will look like a French manicure.

Tiffany style manicure: a variety of exquisite craftsmanship

The mint color Tiffany is often used to create a manicure for weddings. The combination of turquoise and white favorably complements the image of a soft bride. Both strict straight lines and soft curls-monograms will be appropriate here.

In addition, these motifs look great on both short and long nails.

Tiffany style manicure: a variety of exquisite craftsmanship

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Tiffany Style Manicure: Readers Comments

Elza Vasilyeva, Moscow (43 years old). This type of manicure is my favorite.

It seems luxurious, despite the simplicity. I do it myself at home, I’ve already filled my hand.

Normally I cover my nails with blue or turquoise lacquer, in addition to decorating my ring finger with several perpendicular stripes. It seems very expensive, with style.

It adapts to any look and any occasion.

Nastya Impreso, Saratov (17 years old). Nothing worse than this “something” blue in life has not been found.

I did it in the expensive ballroom of the prom. It looks pale and discolored.

The combination of blue and white mix with the color of the skin. In life, I will no longer order this myself.

Ekaterina Zinchenko, Anapa (26 years old). I think a Tiffany manicure is the best way to decorate your claws.

If there is a desire, I paint the arches on my nails, when there is no time, I stick the sticker. I love using minx film, but I use it for special occasions like going to a club or hanging out with someone.

Every day I wear a turquoise base with white stripes in the style of “French”. He looks very discreet in an office environment and does not distract work moments.

Julia Reznik, Sochi (55 years old). Good afternoon For a year, like every Monday, on Mondays I go to the same room and to the same teacher and ask for a Tiffany style manicure.

My manicurist never ceases to amaze me. Each time in my favorite celestial shadow with a beautiful name, she finds new discoveries.

That ruffles pririsuet, then stripes, the keys, the arcs. Every time

And it is truly wonderful to find the unexpected in the familiar.

Amalia Belousko, Perm (29 years old). In our city there are few teachers who master the skill of the manicure well.

That is why it is necessary to dominate this profession independently. I recently discovered this style of nail decoration.

I tried to make in the classic version, a combination of turquoise, stripes and a bow. very well

It is true that the bow had to buy stickers, but I still liked it. I will continue experimenting in this direction.

Tiffany Style Manicure: Video Lesson

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