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What is curly eyelashes?

What is curly eyelashes?

It is no secret that long, thick and beautifully curved eyelashes give the eyes a special expressiveness and appearance: the mysterious depth.

Inadvertently abandoned, a quick glance from the eyes half-closed in a spongy frame is one of the most effective “weapons” of a woman.

Why curl the eyelashes?

But even if you have straight and short eyelashes, in your power with the help of modern means to change the situation. The beautifully curled lashes will not only visually enlarge the shape of the eyes, but will also make the appearance more open and clear, and at certain times, attractive and mysterious.

Perm must be done if:

  • The density of the eyelashes adapts to you, but the direction of your growth is horizontal.
  • The lowered tips of the lashes make the appearance too expressionless, languid or sad.
  • The direction of growth of the extended tabs sometimes also needs to be adjusted.
  • Naughty hairs are removed from the “total mass” and give excessive carelessness and careless makeup.

What is curly eyelashes?

What are the types of tabs?

What is curly eyelashes?

How do the lamination tabs? Read here

Using the mask with a rotating brush.

The effect will be felt when you buy a product of fairly high quality and, consequently, at a decent price (200 rubles). When choosing a mask with a twisting effect, special attention should be paid to the brush.

It should look like an arch, curved in the middle part, with rather thick bristles.

You will need a little time to bring your eyelashes to a “combat” state: you need to walk with the mushroom 1-2 times along the contour of the eyelids. But the result will not last long, the maximum – until the night, depending on the structure and the thickness of the hairs.

What is curly eyelashes?

Eyelash curler: how to use it?

The tweezers will give you a more visible and “tangible” effect than the mask. But if you are in a hurry to make a permanent, you will not succeed. Movements that are too sharp and vigorous can damage the hairs.

The grip lashes need at the base, without touching the delicate skin of the century. Pinch and block the hairs in this position (for about 10 seconds).

The cost of the tweezers is 150 to 800 rubles. There is no need to carry out the salon procedure, since it is easy to do the curl yourself.

What is curly eyelashes?

Eyelash curler or thermal clamps

When working with thermoscopes, the elevation of the upper tips of the eyelashes will be more pronounced, especially with a fine hair structure. The result of curling lasts a maximum of 48 hours, but the entry of moisture will reduce your efforts to zero.

Disadvantages: constant exposure to the hot surface of the tweezers will dry the lashes, which over time can lead to their fragility and loss.

The minimum cost of thermal snipers is 300 rubles.

What is curly eyelashes?

Curly biochemistry of eyelashes

This type of curling is quite soft. The composition of the drugs used in fixation does not include ammonia.

The hairs remain elevated for a month.

To achieve a more durable result, an adjustment must be made. The hairs are constantly updated, and the messy eyelashes like thistles will not give a flirtatious mood to your look.

The cost of the procedure in the salons: 1000-1500 rubles.

What is curly eyelashes?

Permanent permanent eyelashes

Curling has a more persistent and pronounced effect. Even the most disobedient lashes “will not be placed” under the influence of permanent application.

The tabs will remain in the “correct” position for up to 2 months. During the morning makeup you will only need to make up your mascara.

From the chemical permanent, the perm differs in the composition of the applied funds (fixer and fixer). The price varies in the same range, 1000-2500 rubles.

What is curly eyelashes?

Permanent eyelashes

After the procedure, the eyelashes become more spongy, visually longer and thicker at least 2 times. And the contours of the eyes become clearer and more pronounced.

This method of shaking is recommended for girls with low or straight lashes. With the help of the procedure, it can not only visually enlarge the eyes, but also make a tired or sad look more clear and more open.

The effect lasts up to 4 months. You will not experience any discomfort during the wave, as special protective pads are placed under the eyes and on the upper eyelid.

Perming is carried out in the following way:

  1. Depending on the length of your eyelashes, the stylist selects special rolls – rolls.
  2. A special fixing agent is applied over the twisted eyelashes.
  3. After removing the curlers and washing the latch, the eyelashes are processed with a composition of nutrients, which prevents their fragility and loss.

The procedure is absolutely harmless to your eyes, there are no restrictions on care and makeup after this.

The cost of the procedure in Moscow salons starts from 1000 rubles.

What is curly eyelashes?

Keratin Eyelashes Curl

The keratin is the same chemistry, only during the procedure the eyelashes are saturated with keratin and vitamins. The session lasts more than an hour, includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Elimination of fatty waste.
  • The application of a special composition and bending training.
  • The application of serum and pigment coloring.
  • The saturation of keratin.

The effect lasts up to 3 months. Even without makeup, the eyes look expressive and bright due to the lashes, which become denser in their structure and rise at the tips.

This is the most expensive type of ripple, the minimum cost of the procedure is 4,000 rubles.

What is curly eyelashes?

Pros and cons of curling eyelashes

Permanent permanent should be preferred to girls with medium or long eyelashes that grow horizontally. For too short hairs, it is better to prefer the extension procedure.

To get an idea of ​​what it looks like after curling, do a general rehearsal: bend the lashes with a forceps. If you are satisfied with the result, do not hesitate to contact the room.

An experienced teacher will not only correctly select the size of the curlers, it will correct the application time of the fixative, but it will also change the shape of the eyes with the help of the “correct” curvature. You can make your eyes more inclined or almond shaped.

After the permanent hairs become discolored. Therefore, if you have light and thin lashes, it makes sense to make an additional permanent stain.

The contraindications to the procedure are:

  1. The pregnancy
  2. Breastfeeding period
  3. Antibiotics and hormone therapy.

After curling, you can bathe, wear glasses, apply decorative cosmetics without restrictions, etc. That is, there are no taboos compared to extensions.

What is curly eyelashes?

Curling eyelashes: before and after photo

What is curly eyelashes?

About the types and effects of the eyelash extensions can be found here.

What is curly eyelashes?

What is curly eyelashes?

What is curly eyelashes?

What is curly eyelashes?

What is curly eyelashes?

What is curly eyelashes?

Curling eyelashes: readers’ opinions

Marina Voronina (Kaliningrad). I want to say a few words about the keratin curl of the eyelashes. I think there’s no special effect after that, it’s just another marketing move.

The permanent itself lasts for a long time, and all this time you need to sit with your eyes open. In my opinion, very uncomfortable!

Tatyana Lemesheva (Nizhny Novgorod). Simply delighted with the permanent.

During the last 2 weeks I have not even dyed my eyes. Probably, I also had luck with the teacher: the lashes did not suffer at all, not even the color changed!

Larisa Benina (Moscow). The permanent permanent is, of course, very practical and beautiful. But I do not advise you to do this procedure too often.

I, for example, resort to it once a year. At the same time, I constantly grease the hairs with fat vitamins to restore them.

Anna Minko (Lipetsk). I prefer to make a microwave, since this is a softer and more delicate procedure.

Although the effect does not last that long, but you can repeat it more often. The structure of the eyelashes is not broken, its natural color is preserved.

Elena Voronova (Saint Petersburg). Well-made permanent eyelashes can dramatically transform the face by adjusting the shape of the eyes.

Girls, do not save in the procedure only contact highly qualified specialists. The effect is worth it!

Video: How to make permanent eyelashes?

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