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What is the shadow of the feather eyebrow?

What is the shadow of the feather eyebrow?

The face becomes expressive with beautiful eyebrows. That’s why permanent makeup is popular.

The tattoo procedure is simple and practical. With her help, the girl looks great every day.

Regardless of the weather or the time of day. So you need to know about the shadow of feathers.

Eyebrow tattoo: what is it?

Any teacher seeks to make sure that the work done on the tattoo is more natural. The methods in this case are different. The soft pen method is the most popular.

It can be considered a classic. With this method, you can do the correction of the eyebrow, tone an area or completely the entire eyebrow.

Applying this method, you might think that the eyebrows are made with pencil or shadows.
In the tattoo there is another method: a hair technique. It consists of the fact that during the procedure a pigment is applied.

Fine strokes are obtained. These touches are like hairs that are in the growth stage.

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Eyebrow tattoo: hair or plumage method, which is better?

Shading method

With the help of feathers the eyebrows are clear and bright. Especially this method is suitable for those who do not have hairs.

Or when you need to radically change the look.
With a beautiful shape of the eyebrows, but not thick hair, the plumage can be made with a barely perceptible haze. Especially good will be seen in the medium width eyebrows.
The plumage method is suitable for any type of skin. It stays on average 3 years, but maybe more.

Everything depends on the individual characteristics of a person and their age.

What is the shadow of the feather eyebrow?

Hair method

This method in permanent makeup is new. It helps to restore the lost hairs in the eyebrows. The newly made tattoo with the help of the hair technique is great and looks natural.

The disadvantage of this tattoo is that it does not last long. After half a year or a year, the pigment “spreads”.

In this case, the tattoo must be updated.
For oily skin, this method is not suitable.
Each one chooses himself from these two methods. Even so, the shading method is tested and lasts longer.

What is the shadow of the feather eyebrow?

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Eyebrow tattoo with plumage method.

With the soft plumage there is a stage of execution.

  1. Need to create a sketch. It is done with a pencil or shadow. The sketch is necessary to determine the shape of the eyebrow, which is desirable. When creating a sketch, it also takes into account the age of the client, the shape of the eyes and their size. The type of person is also taken into account.
  2. Hair removal If the hair goes beyond the sketch, it is removed. To maintain a well-maintained view, the procedure should be repeated periodically.
  3. Adjust the outline. When the hairs are removed, you must reprocess the sketch. The final correction is applied with a special marker. The client evaluates the shape, and if everything is fine, start applying pigment.
  4. Pigment During the procedure, the tattoo pigment is not easy to pick up. It must be well matched in color for hair and eyes. The resulting shadow must be maintained for a certain time.
  5. Application procedure. The pigment is applied in layers. During the procedure, apply a special machine to apply the tattoo. The work is hard and is done in stages. It depends on the fact that in different areas different color pigments are needed. By naturalness, the outline should be slightly blurred.
  6. The healing The healing procedure takes about a week. A pair of eyebrows from the first days are not natural and very bright. But after healing you can enjoy the new look.

Eyebrow feathers: video

Eyebrow plumage shadow: before and after picture.

What is the shadow of the feather eyebrow?
What is the shadow of the feather eyebrow?

Eyebrow feathers: contraindications.

With this procedure, there are many contraindications. All because of the fact that during the tattoo there is contact with the skin of the face. What are the contraindications for this procedure, when it can not be done:

  • during menstruation
  • during pregnancy or feeding
  • with serious diseases. This could be diabetes, AIDS, hepatitis or inflammatory disease.
  • After the surgical treatment, while the rehabilitation period lasts.
  • Medicine for thinning blood.

If there are no health problems, then we can go safely to the procedure.

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