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What makeup is best for green eyes?

What makeup is best for green eyes?

At all times, green-eyed women personified with witchcraft.

And really, there is something magical in this deep and feline hypnotic look …

Makeup for green eyes: what shades are suitable for the green-eyed beauties?

Nature has tried generously, giving green and emerald green eyes, and four green, green gray and green yellow. Choosing makeup for those eyes is not an easy task.

It is important to take into account the tone of the iris, the skin tone and even the color of the hair.

What makeup is best for green eyes?

What shades are suitable for green eyes?

Versatile can be considered tones of lilac, lilac and brown the combination of these tones with green gives only a magical effect.

The dark green eyes accentuate the shades of shades, golden and purple tones. For green-blue eyes, light tones are ideal.

The iris of these eyes, like a chameleon, can change its tone depending on the color of the clothes and the brightness of the light, allowing you to experiment with the makeup.

The “green-yellow” eyes of Kochashyy advantageously emphasize tones that are close to the color of the iris.

What makeup is best for green eyes?

What can not be done with green eyes.

  1. Do not use silver tones. This shadow is not in harmony with the natural green eyes.
  2. The black feathers have no feathers make the appearance heavy.
  3. The saturated blue tones of green eyes are contraindicated, as is the bright pink.

What makeup is best for green eyes?

What makeup is best for green eyes?

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Day makeup for green eyes: photos step by step.

Expressive, but discreet, they make the shades of beige and brown makeup daily.

  • Upper eyelid tone light beige, paying close attention to the inner corner.
  • A darker shade (moderate brown) is applied in the outer corner and it is well shaded, without reaching the middle of the century.
  • In the same corner of the exterior, add a grayish brown tone, and also expose a complete shading.
  • Draw a line of upper lashes with a dark brown or black pencil.
  • Gently pull the arrow from the outer corner of the eye with a pencil, emphasizing the natural incision and slightly putting the “tip” of the arrow up. Brush to shade so that the edge of the arrow and the shadows become invisible.
  • Apply shadows of light on the lower eyelid.
  • The eyelashes are compensated with the mask, not forgetting the bottom row and paying special attention to the upper part near the outer corner.

What makeup is best for green eyes?

Evening makeup for green eyes: photo

The night makeup version for the green-eyed charming must be bright, but not vulgarly artistic.

  1. On the upper eyelid, they are brushed with light tones of cold bluish tint. The lower eyelid is underlined with a pencil. The line gently rounds the contour, going beyond the boundary at the outer corner.
  2. Brush the shaded eyeliner with gentle movements from the corner of the eye.
  3. A line of arched brown pencil draws an arrow from the center of the eyelid in an upward motion: from the outer corner to the eyebrows and through the connecting line between the fixed and moving eyelids. The contoured curve should curve around the eyelid in the form of a feather.
  4. The arrow is well shaded with dark brown tones with nacre.
  5. The edge of a fixed and mobile eyelid is marked by a medium brown saturation, and the lower eyelid, from the angle to the center, is also affected.
  6. Little black shadows are drawn along the arrow on the vernal side and shaded to obtain a sharp corner. The “feather” on the eyelid is covered with dark beige shadows. The beige and dark border is not shaded.
  7. A black eyeliner finely draws the line of the eyelashes, the arrow is slightly drawn beyond the limit of the century.
  8. The twisted eyelashes are painted with mascara.

Makeup at night ready!

What makeup is best for green eyes?

Beautiful makeup for green eyes, depending on the color of the hair.

No matter what hair color you have a tendency to! Whether natural or artificial, for green eyes, any image will be advantageous if you choose the correct colors of shadows in the color of curls and eyes.

  • Makeup for blondes with green eyes. The green-eyed blonde looks unusually soft, resembling a drop of spring snow. The fragile beauty of such a girl is highlighted by light brown tones and peach tones. For the makeup during the day, the gray colors are also suitable, and for the evening makeup – gold, with a metallic, purple shine.
  • Makeup for green eyes and blonde hair. The green-eyed beauties with light brown hair in a day’s makeup are best for rejecting a dark eyeliner. The shades of brown and gray tones already emphasize the expressiveness of these magical eyes. In the evening version, the eyeliner on the upper eyelid on the eyelashes will make the appearance more expressive in combination with the purple shades.
  • Makeup for red with green eyes. Copper curls and green eyes: a really amazing combination. And makeup for the eyes is very important, because every day you can change the image, become a passionate “witch”, and then a playful kitten … The shades of gray, gold, beige and olive green will make your look be captivating And an eyeliner in dark chocolate or brown will add expressiveness to the witch’s eyes.
  • Makeup for green eyes and dark hair. The owners of green eyes with dark hair in the light of night will be charming with shades of purple or lilac. Beige or peach will give a tender look to the makeup of the day. A dark eyeliner and an “open” black mascara.

What makeup is best for green eyes?

Bridal makeup for green eyes: photo

Bride with green eyes to face the color white and a slight blush of emotion! Everything should be perfect on this day, including the “attire” for the eyes.

The eyebrow line is better to mark more clearly, but not bright. The tonal base of the upper eyelid will make eye makeup stronger.

  1. Cover the upper eyelid with a fresh pastel color.
  2. We draw a mid-century black outline along the growth of the eyelashes, taking the “arrow” around the corner of the eye, turning it slightly slightly upwards.
  3. Apply a chocolate-colored shade along the arrow and tone without disturbing the clear bottom edge of the liner.
  4. On the upper eyelid, as if drawing the eye socket, with a slight movement of the brush we apply a caramel brown tint.
  5. White shadows easily emphasize the lower eyelid on the lower cilia.
  6. On the white with the silver color we dye the area of ​​the outer corner of the eye along the edge of the arrow, without mixing contrasting colors.
  7. The blue line draws a thin lower eyelid.
  8. Black pencil make lower eyeliner.
  9. Carefully, from the inner corner to the outer corner, blur the blue color with the line of the eyeliner, “pulling” the color along the contrasting white so that in the outer corner the darkness “opens” as the peak of a hummingbird.
  10. Give the eyes an almond shape, delineating the carbon black liquid eyeliner and clearly forming the inside corner.
  11. Turn the eyelashes.
  12. Apply mascara in bulk.

The color combination may vary depending on the color of the individual eye.

What makeup is best for green eyes?

What makeup is best for green eyes?

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Makeup for green eyes: photo

What makeup is best for green eyes?

What makeup is best for green eyes?

What makeup is best for green eyes?

What makeup is best for green eyes?

What makeup is best for green eyes?

What makeup is best for green eyes?

Makeup for green eyes: readers’ opinions.

Love Zemlyakov (Irkutsk). I’m red, and I also caulk … If you put on makeup with the advice of brown or gold stylists, the eye can not be seen at all!

Irina Zabotkina (Vladivostok). Thanks to the parents for my emerald eyes!

Lilac shadows and black mascara: everything I need for myself.

Veronika Tuz (Chita). At the wedding I made makeup in beige and brown tones. I did not expect an impressive effect, because I got used to swamp tones.

It turned out that it was beautiful!

Julia Markova (Mogocha). All with green eyes, I would advise shades of brown.

From light to darkness. It comes with any hair color.

Olesya Vyatkina (Izhevsk). Smoked ice for the evening makeup, just a miracle! After all, I have pale green eyes.

And in the afternoon I like to use only black mascara, without shadows.

Video: Smokey Eyes makeup for Green Eyes

Women with brown hair, blondes, brunettes and green eyes with red eyes attract the attention of a certain mystical secret latent in the pond of these eyes. And the right makeup makes these charming ones a true object of admiration.

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